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Frank & Ernest - Tooth Ferry Bridge


Budgeting P&S

BUDGETING Policy and System Policy Description: Our office budget should establish responsible guidelines that when achieved allows for financial security for our staff and doctors as well as the future care of patients.   When a valid budget is planned and our internal systems are set up to be both effective and efficient, the primary focus becomes serving our patients, and not just making money. Controlling overhead also requires developing a comprehensive budget, which should not only identify the total expenses incurred each month, quarter or year, but should also allocate these expenses to pre-set overhead categories (staff compensation; occupancy, lab costs; supplies; etc.).  Analyzing … Read entire article »

Appointment Control P&S

APPOINTMENT CONTROL P & S   POLICY DESCRIPTION:   No other management system in a dental practice controls productivity, quality care, and stress more than appointment scheduling.  It dictates everything we do during our workday.  Patient management, appointment control, patient scheduling, and time management are the foundations of a successful dental practice.   The scheduling and management of people for the delivery of dental health services involves both people oriented and technical oriented skills. All team members have responsibilities to assist with appointment control.  Appointments are scheduled in the computer in the SoftDent system.  The schedule template is set up with color-coded appointment blocks.  Both rules … Read entire article »

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! … Read entire article »